Pigment Problems? - Add Bare Skin "A" Serum

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 Dr Bollmann, CEO of BareSKinCare

Recently many of our customers are ordering Perfect Tone Serum, which is great for pigment changes. 

However, it is much better to combine this with our Bare Skin "A" Serum - this combination is necessary to drive the pigment to the surface and eliminate it. Adding the "A" turns the skin over faster, which is necessary in getting rid of the pigment.

Benefits of "A" Serum:

  • Helps reduce the appearance of expression lines, lines and wrinkles
  • Strengthens weak skin and minimizes irritation
  • Restores hydration and enforces the skin’s protective barrier
  • Helps promote healthier, brighter skin
  • combined with Perfect Tone Serum, eliminates hyperpigmentation

    And for best results, use our full Program for Hyperpigmentation. 


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