The Question You Need To Ask About Your Skincare/Supplements

Does your skincare products or supplements have the ingredients stated on the bottle or package? Probably yes.

But the real question you need to ask - IS IT EFFECTIVE?

Marketing or advertising can be false, and claims made are not always true. For instance, just because a product claims to have retinol, it does not state the amount. So a product can have one drop of retinol and still make the claim - it has retinol. But in skincare and supplements, the amount of ingredient is important; and pH of the ingredient is important.

Stick with a reputable company when ordering products. The $8 retinol product you see at the supermarket is NOT the equivalent of a cosmeceutical skincare product. You get what you pay for.

The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.” – Bill Bernbach. “Advertising is legalized lying.” – H. G. Wells.

In the video, Dr. KeriLyn Bollmann, M.D., addresses this problem; please share on your social media.

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