Why You Don't Need A Mositurizer

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Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Expert

Despite having a fantastic moisturizer (Bare Skin Moisturizer), our customers usually don't buy it. Why? Maybe because I've trained them well!

Daily moisturizers actually damage the skin. They make it sensitive. When I had my med-spa, patients who complained of "sensitive skin" had a 99% chance it was due to daily use of moisturizers - what I call "Moisturizer abuse".

So why does Bare Skin have a moisturizer? Well, sometimes we need to use one. For instance, when exposed to excessive sun or wind - the beach, boating, water skiing.

Back to why our regular customers don't buy our moisturizers. They don't need to. When you use any of our Bare Skin Care Programs, they contain everything you need to correct, protect, and maintain your skin in the best health. They contain all the ingredients necessary for the very best skin care - scientifically formulated with chiral ingredients.


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