Bare Skin Care - Skin care can be summed up by 3 steps; minimal cleansing; moisturizing as needed and photo-protection (avoiding sun damage.) Once the basics are covered should one then consider: agents that supposedly repair damaged skin; start a regimen of antioxidants that protect your genetic material or consider the use of decorative agents.

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One of the most common problem in our society is inability to sleep. I advise Melatonin both as an anti-oxidant and a sleep enhancer. It is not a sleeping pill, but will benefit the sleep process. It is also available over the counter, and is inexpensive. Another sleep aid: if you have to get up to go to the bathroom, don't turn on the light. Light will inactivate the body's natural melatonin. If you need a light to see, use a small night light or even your cell phone - most today have a cell phone app for a flashlight. Sleep in a dark room.

Too little sleep compromises many of the body’s biological processes, most notably the immune system, metabolic function, and cognitive performance (specifically, learning and memory).  Researchers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Massachusetts, USA) reported that sleep is important for the development of episodic memories, and particularly those of an emotional nature.  The team studied 88 college students, and found that those subjects who slept a full evening remembered the emotional scene they were shown in far greater detail, as compared to those participants who stayed awake for 12 hours after viewing the scene. 

Defying the adage that ‘you snooze, you lose,’ sleep is a vital process that helps to preserve memories.  Don’t underestimate the restorative role of sleep:  while the amount of sleep required is highly individualized, it is critical to get sleep of a sufficient duration that is followed by a spontaneous awakening and leaves you feeling refreshed and alert for the day. 



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