Retinol: Prototype of ALL Cosmeceuticals

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Bare Skin Care - Retinoids were developed in Europe but most of the work on acne and photo aging was performed by Albert Kligman at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine's Durhing labs. Trenitoin (Retin-A) has been studied for over 37 years. It is the prototype agent of all Cosmeceuticals. However unlike almost all the other products it has a supporting evidence-based medical background that is not seen with any other agent. Besides its efficacy in acne it also improves pigments, very fine wrinkles, dryness and erythema. Retinoids have the ability to repair Atypical DNA. It is also used to repair non-photo damaged skin and pure age related changes. 
Bare Skin Care products with retinol include Rejuvenation Serum and Night Cream
Bare Skin Care products are guaranteed to produce results when used correctly.
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