Myth of the Skin: Retinol (Vitamin A) will thin out the skin. 

     Retinol enhances the skin's barrier function, aids in collagen production, regulates oil production, reduces skin dryness, and increases skin oxygenation. Topical steroids like cortisone will thin the skin when used for prolonged periods. Retinol will actually thicken thin skin.

     Retinol is one of the basics needed to correct wrinkles and for skin health. It is found in two Bare Skin products - Rejuvenation Serum and Night Cream. The Rejuvenation Serum is in all Bare Skin Programs - for wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (brown spots), acne, scars, and oily skin. Our Basic program contains 6 products, the others 8 products.

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Bare Skin Care Rejuvenation Serum: A fantastic serum for skin that needs wrinkle reduction, cell turnover, skin renewal and correction! This serum is a complex synergy of Retinol (Vitamin A) and Glycolic Acid. Retinol is a skin-renewing vitamin which is essential for tissue growth. Glycolic Acid Polymer further assists cell turnover and strengthens collagen and elastin. The complex synergy of these ingredients contained in this serum, gives you much better results than each ingredient used alone. This serum triggers a process in the skin that re-selects its epidermal building blocks, and therefore lines and wrinkles will slowly give way to smoother, more elastic and wrinkle resistant skin. The serum is very powerful and as cell turnover starts, some flaking may occur. Go slow with the serum, if your skin is sensitive, and let the skin renewal process take place gradually.

Bare Skin Night Cream: This intense Retinol treatment cream is ideal for mature skin with advanced rejuvenation needs. It is a is a therapeutic cream, which also helps the correction of acne as part of an Acne repair program. The cream penetrates the dermis and supplies the skin with superb renewal and repair benefits of Vitamin A and Lactic Acid. These two ingredients exfoliate and refine wrinkles and other imperfections, while stimulating a youthful, healthy appearance.


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