Role of Genetics in Your Health

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All In the Family

The incidence of age-related diseases in a centenarian offspring (children of parents who lived to be at least 97 years old) is lower.  The New England Centenarian Study (Massachusetts, USA) reported that children of centenarians are at 78% lower risk of heart attack, 83% lower likelihood of stroke, and 86% lower risk of developing Type-2 diabetes. Additionally, centenarian offspring were 81% less likely to die during the 5-year follow-up period (as compared to age-matched counterparts). 

While we cannot choose our parents, we can acknowledge that genetics do factor in to longevity.  Centenarian offspring are more likely to age in better cardiovascular health and with a lower mortality than their peers, suggesting that anti-aging science still has yet to reveal keys to the physiological reasons that longevity runs in families.


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