Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer

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Worldwide cellular connections exceed 5 billion, and some  estimates  project a steady growth of over 8% annually through 2015.   With such  broad usage, cellular phone technology is giving rise to  important  questions about possible long-term health consequences  associated with  its use.  Cellular phones emit low frequency  electromagnetic fields  (EMFs), which have been linked to health  conditions such as:
  • general malaise
  • immune system dysfunction
  • male sexual and reproductive issues
  • changes in the central nervous system and cardiovascular system
  • changes in memory, cognition, attention, and other brain functions
  • elevations in blood pressure
  • skin damage
  • changes in red blood cells
Because of the immense numbers of present and projected  users, some scientists and public health experts are worried that even  if only a small percentage are adversely affected, that could still  equate to a public health issue of epidemic proportions.  We offer these  ten tips to minimize your cellular phone radiation exposure:

1.  Call Length and Frequency
A  number of the scientific studies have shown a correlation between the  length of calls and/or frequency of use, with biological changes.
TIP Reserve cellular phone use for short, necessary conversations.   Keep incoming mobile phone as brief as possible and return your calls on  a corded phone. 

2.  Distance
The  concentration of radiation emissions is directly related to the power of  the emitting device.  The farther you can put yourself from the  cellular phone handset, the less emissions you will receive. Radiation  from all sources obeys the inverse square law. That is, the further you  are from the source the less intense your exposure to the radiation. In  fact, it drops off with the square of your distance from the source.
TIP Use  your cellular phone's "speakerphone" option, permitting a substantial  distancing between the user and the handset during conversations.

3.  Phone Antenna
There  is growing consensus that cell phone antennas may be harmful to humans  due to the  volume of electromagnetic waves that are concentrated around  it during the receipt and placing of calls. This danger is even further  aggravated by cellular manufacturers who place the internal antennas  close to the earpiece.
TIP Opt for cellular phones with low specific absorption rate (SAR).

4.  Signal Path
The  steel construction of vehicles and buildings creates an electrical  shielding effect ("Faraday cage").  As a result, using a cellular phone  inside an enclosed vehicle or building causes the phone to increase the  power output it needs to establish a connection, receive signals, and  transmit signals, all of which causes increased radiation emissions.  A  presentation by the House of Commons (United Kingdom) Science and  Technology System reported that using a cellular phone inside an  enclosed vehicle can cause radiation levels to rise by 10 times. 
TIP If using the cellular phone inside a vehicle, open the window or  door (if not in motion).  This will improve the path for the cellular  phone signals and possibly reduce the phone's need to increase its power  level. 

5.  Phone Mode
The highest cellular  phone emissions occur when the phone is establishing a connection with a  base station.   When using the phone in a mobile setting, the phone is  constantly re-establishing its base station connection.   The emissions  in the mobile setting are further compounded by signal path issues (see  preceding tip).
TIP When inside a vehicle, avoid keeping the cellular phone handset  turned on unless you are expecting an incoming call, or making a call. 

6.  Carrying the Phone
Avoid  keeping the cellular phone (when switched-on) adjacent to the body.  In  particular, do not keep it in on-mode in clothing pockets or clipped to  the waist.  The soft tissues of the body  – namely heart, liver,  kidneys, intestines, and reproductive organs  – are very vulnerable to  penetration by radiation, moreso than the brain (which is protected to a  degree by the skull).     According to a report to the Economic Union,  three sudden deaths occurred from colon cancer amongst members of a  secret surveillance unit of the former Royal Ulster Constabulary (United  Kingdom), all of whom had worn radio or microwave transmitters in the  lower part of their backs for extended periods of time.
TIP Women:  carry your phone in a purse that is carried away from the  body.  Men:  do not carry the phone in the on-mode in your chest,  jacket, or pants pockets, unless you are expecting a call or making a  call.

7.  Eyeglass Wearers
The House of  Commons (United Kingdom) Science and Technology System report also found  that cellular phone users who wear metal-rimmed glasses intensify their  exposure to radiation emissions to the eye by 20% and to the head by  6.3%.
TIP Take glasses off when making or receiving cellular phone calls, or wear contact lenses when using the cellphone.

8.  Proximity to Base Stations
The  number of "cells" (zones of service) in the geographic area, in  addition to the proximity of the cellular phone to a base station,  factor into the power necessary for the phone to establish a connection  and receive and transmit signals.  The few the number of cells, and the  farther apart the baste stations, the greater the power (and radiation  emission) necessary to maintain contact with the network. 
TIP   Many cellular phones can display the signal level at which they are  operating when turned on.  When receiving or making a call, take note of  the reported signal level.  If it is weak, keep the call short and  continue it later on a corded phone or when you reach an area where the  signal level is stronger.


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