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Bare Skin - How To Get
Karen McDougal, Bare Skin Care Model

Bare Skin by Dr Bollmann was designed to get best results by using the whole program. Our BASIC Program contains everything you need to correct, preserve and maintain your skin.


  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Help preserve and maintain a more youthful- looking complexion
  • Help prevent future damage by protecting skin from the sun
  • Improve and maintain the appearance of even skin tone and finer pores
  • Keep skin hydrated
  • this program can be used for post procedure skin management, designed for use after laser resurfacing procedures, chemical peels or any combined ablative treatment - wait at least two weeks after procedure before starting

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Amazing products and fantastic customer care!!!

I am amazed by the change in my skin from the hyper pigmentation program. It has taken a decade off my skin and gained me compliment after compliment and disbelief at my age. These products are fantastic. Dr Bollmann is fantastic as well. Personal with issues and orders. Accommodating regarding customer needs/changes to orders. The best customer service one could ever hope for. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Bollmann's Bare Skin Care products.          G.W. Indiana

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Select Products still on SALE

Bare Skin Care is pleased to announce our new Vitamin C product - REVIVE C SERUM, which will replace  Natural Young Vitamin C Serum.
As you may or may not know, most Vitamin C products on the market are not effective, because it is difficult to maintain stability of Vitamin C. So whatever the percentage claimed, e.g. 20%, you are really not getting that much of the Vitamin.

In keeping with producing products with the best ingredients that are the MOST ACTIVE, our new Vitamin C has 3 elements of Vitamin C!- water soluble, oil soluble, and an ester of C - sort of a triple threat. I am sure you will love it, and it will be available next week on the web site - at an introductory price.

As an aside, Vitamin C does have some protection against UVA rays - but not for prolonged exposure.

Our other new product - Bare Skin Intense Lip Repair, has been so well received we sold out almost immediately, and had to reorder.

Remove Lip Lines- BareSkinCare - Click here to see my blog

Works on lines around mouth, lines on lips, dry skin

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Bare Skin has renewed the free shipping on orders $100!!!



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