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About this time of year many of you have itchy skin, due to the drying effect of the winter, frequent bathing, etc. Moisture is pulled out of the skin from wearing layers of clothing, sweating - which necessitates more frequent bathing, in turn causing dry skin.

In the summer, sun damage will cause the same itching. I can remember as a child complaining of itching all over my body while at the New Jersey shore, which in retrospect was nothing more than dry skin.

The best ways to prevent this is to shower instead of bathing, use a lukewarm shower (not hot), and do not use soap except for areas which need it, such as underarms and genital areas.

The use of a sun block is important while in the sun; this will also prevent sunburn, another cause of itching. I recommend DNA Control Sun Block for the face, and another of your choice for the body, which will be less expensive. While DNA Control Sun Block can be used all over, it can be expensive to use this excellent product.

Moisturizers such as Vanicream and CeraVe, which are available at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, or CVS pharmacies, are important and can relieve the itching. They are best applied to damp (not wet) skin, which is easier to do immediately after showering. Creams are more effective than lotions for this, as they penetrate deeper.

The above should be good to prevent itching, but if it does occur consider Bare Skin Care Soothe for relief of minor irritations.


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