Fix Dull Skin With BARE SkinCare

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Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Expert, Anti-Aging Specialist

Ever wonder why kids have glowing skin. It is due to the process of exfoliation, which up to the age of 14, occurs on the face naturally every 14 days. This quick rate of renewal leaves the youngster with a healthy-looking glowing complexion. 

Then as we age, the sun causes skin damage through the process of photosensitization caused by UV rays. And as we get older the rate of natural exfoliation slows down. By the age of 25 and over the skin will exfoliate every 28 days or so, finally turning over only every 40-42 days as we age.

The resulting build up of dead skin cells can leave the skin looking dull.  Fortunately a twice-daily skin routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing will help prevent this. However, we mistakenly think a "moisturizer" is the only thing we need. Most moisturizers actually do not moisturize the skin, but used daily will thin the skin and make it more sensitive, while not providing any moisture. 99% of people who say they have "sensitive" skin are using daily moisturizers.

To actually get moisture into the skin, look for products that contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs), because they can help promote the natural process of exfoliation. And the very best products to return the skin to its' utmost glow and vigor are Bare Skin Care products, which contain everything one needs to get the most moisture into the skin. And for best exfoliation, use Bare Skin Care Elegant Enhancer.


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