How Can I Sleep Without Alcohol?

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How can I sleep without alcohol? I was recently asked to answer this question on Quora, an informational web site of which I am a member.

Alcohol is a relaxant, but it does have sugar, which can eventually stimulate you. I would seek other ways to relax - best is meditation. When I can’t sleep, I meditate, even during a nap. If I don’t fall asleep, at least I have had the benefit of meditation.

So one needs a clear mind to relax; you need to eliminate problems of the day. A good spiritual discipline can help this.

But let’s face it; this is not always possible. The world throws problems at us, and we need our sleep to survive them.

So what do I advise, and what do I do. I take Melatonin, (which is dirt cheap), 3 mg at night before bed. And I keep it dark; light inactivates melatonin. If I have any aches and pains, which let’s face it, as we get older we all have, I take Tylenol. And if I am especially stressed, I take 1/4 (one quarter) of a 1 mg Xanax. Of course, don’t eat or exercise late.

Several caveats. Xanax is an addictive drug, and I am advising taking it ONLY at night, and ONLY at times that are especially stressful, and not on a regular basis.

Why do I do this? I am a pragmatist, not a purist, and find a good night sleep helps one get through the day better. And if I am stressed with everyday problems, I find I can count a hell of a lot of sheep before I ever fall asleep.

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