Is Sun Damage Making You Look OLD?

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When I was younger no one had heard of sun block. On the contrary, we would go down to the Jersey shore and try to get as "tan" as possible. Of course, we did not get tan in one day - we got burned. Today, after having multiple actinic keratoses (pre-cancer), 4 basal cell carcinomas, and one squamous cell carcinoma removed, I wish someone had told me about skin cancer and the effects of the sun, or photodamage.

We used to think the skin changes seen (freckles, age spots, spider veins, rough
and leathery skin, fine lines and wrinkles, dry skin, a blotchy complexion, actinic
keratoses, and skin cancer) were due to intrinsic [chronological] aging. Now we know that these can all be attributed to sun exposure. The exposure to sunlight accounts for nearly all the symptoms of premature skin aging.

If you have children, it is important to let them know about sun damage. And for you to take care as well.

Most of us do have some sun damage, and will get actinic keratoses if we have been exposed. The best way to insure against this is to use Neova's Silc Sheer 2.0 Photo Finish Tint, a water resistant, Broad Spectrum SPF 40 WHICH DOES NOT BURN THE EYES. This will actually REPAIR the DNA damage caused by the sun while protecting the skin against further damage, significantly reducing the signs of photoaging, rejuvenating the skin and soothing irritation.


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